Shipping and payments

Who is the carrier and how long does delivery take?

Transport is carried out by CTT EXPRESSO and TORRESTIR.

Deliveries are made by 6 pm on the business day following the date of dispatch to mainland Portugal. The transit time for the Madeira and Azores archipelagos depends on whether the shipment will be by boat or plane, please check at the time of ordering.


What is the deadline?

Delivery times for products are provided in the order confirmation. Situations are excluded, namely: immediate stock outs of any reference(s) or possible failures in transport companies.


What happens if the item arrives damaged?

All items are packed at ELECTROMINOR, LDA with the utmost care and are protected inside personalized boxes by air pockets and paper with the respective anti-opening strap.

If you notice that the packaging is damaged and without our personalized adhesive tape, or without being strapped, you should contact us immediately and we will advise you on the procedures to follow with the carrier's courier.

We ask that when receiving the order transported by our carriers, check the condition of the box(es) and always mention what you detect during delivery, such as: "Damaged box"; "Box with marks of falling"; "Box without ribbon"; ... on the driver's receipt sheet, as well as whenever possible check the contents of your order inside the box(es), so that if there is any damaged or missing product, an immediate service complaint.

However, after acceptance of the order and during opening of the order, if you detect any damage caused by transport, you will have to contact us via email immediately (on the day of delivery) in detail with a description of the damage and proof photographs, in this case of the products in question. cause, the box together with the shipping/transporter identification label and essentially our packaging used, which we strive for quality every day.


(If you do not comply with this process, ELECTROMINOR declines any responsibility)


What is the shipping price?

For purchases over €160.00 (VAT included) the shipping price is free (only when shipping to Portugal). For purchases below €160.00 (VAT included) the shipping price is €10.00 (VAT included)

For the Azores and Madeira archipelagos, the shipping cost is calculated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the weight and volume of the order.

In the case of international shipments, the shipping price will be indicated at checkout. The maximum weight of orders for international shipping is 31.5kg and the total of the 3 dimensions must not exceed 3 meters. calculated using the formula Length cm+2 x (Width cm + height cm). The maximum length is 1.75m. If the shipment exceeds the maximum dimensions or weight, an additional fee of 26 euros will be payable.



We have the following payment methods available:


  1. Bank transfer

Payment is made in advance by bank transfer. Please make a transfer indicating the order number in the description, to the following NIB: 0018 0003 22722870020 60 - BANCO SANTANDER TOTTA.

Once the transfer has been made, please send proof to the following email address: .


  1. Payment by Multibanco Reference

After placing your order, an entity and reference will be automatically generated, and you will then be able to make payment through your online bank or any ATM. Quick and easy solution.


  1. Payment by Paypal and Payment by Visa Credit Card

Use the service and advantages of the Paypal service and Visa credit cards.

This type of payment involves charging an additional amount for associated administrative costs.